This blog is about me and my life. Not the narcissistic, all-about-me-and-aren’t-I-wonderful kind of me. The kind of me who, like most of us on this planet, is trying to figure it all out and trying to have a bit of fun along the way.

There are probably as many purposes for this blog as there are posts that I can imagine. But, for the most part, I am writing to work things out – this is both figurative (as in, I need to work out life works) and literal (as in, I need to exercise my dendrites).

I’m hopeful that what I write is interesting to others and I hope that folks will join me on my journey – contributing what they can and when they wish. However even if this becomes no more than a chat between me and the voices in my head, I’ll have succeeded in my intention!


By the way, my name is Jen … and, right now, I look something like this.

I’m just starting my 4th decade of life and am both delighted and grateful to be where I am.  I exist, like all of us, in between many roles. I am (at the very least) a teacher, writer, designer, daughter, wife, and mom.

There are a few other folks in my world who will show up here quite often. They are gracious enough to allow me to experience life with them and to include them in all of this blog craziness.

This is Husband.

He’s not crazy about blogging and doesn’t really understand the whole thing. However he is, in his unique and very lovable way, supportive (and patient).

He takes care of us all and we love him very much. He’s a pretzel eatin’, kid entertainin’, football watchin’, beer lovin’ neat freak. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!

He is also a lurker. I may never convince him to come with me on this bloggers’ journey. I can live with that!

This is Little Man.
At 5, my son and his nickname are perfect for each other. He is, indeed, a little man. He will be a prominent figure in my writing because he’s teaching me so much. He’s also dang cute and says the most amazing things!

Little Man loves all things motorized and manly. He’s also one of the most loving and caring kids I know. He’s a lot like his daddy … but, he’s got his mommy’s temper.

Although he’s already been a contributor to this blog, Little Man doesn’t know what a blog is. I’m pretty sure that will change quickly!

This is Louie (sometimes known as BK).

She’s our little bug. Before she was born, her daddy nicknamed her BK  (which is good because her brother wanted to call her Birthday Party). As her personality developed, her brother started calling her Louie … and somehow it just works.

Like her brother, she’ll probably show up here more than a few times. I have a feeling that she’ll be teaching decidedly different lessons than her brother has or will.

BK is outrageous and so stinkin’ happy that it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with her. She and her brother are fast friends and love each other so much and so clearly that strangers comment on it.

We are blessed.

Welcome! Thank you for reading!

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