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Posted by Jen on December 5, 2004 in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of... |

I just finished watching The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Interesting.

The premise rests on the idea that as you enter into Heaven, parts of your life are explained to you. The things you most need to know are deciphered for you by 5 people from your life. The people are the 5 you need, not necessarily the 5 you would choose.

So, the whole time, I was wondering who my 5 would be. I mean, hey, I would love for someone to explain to me why I’m still up writing this thing at 10:22 PM when I’m sick and should be in bed. But I think that there are probably many bigger issues to solve.

So who would it be? I’ve got some ideas about who could make the list.

I’ve been lucky. There haven’t been many legit “why mes?” over the years. I had a pretty good childhood. Great parents. Love. Support. Sure, there’ve been lot’s of emotional experiences that I’ve used to create drama. But, comparatively, more comedy than tragedy.

Maybe there will be a kid to greet me. Someone from one of my classes. Someone who will share with me that even though we had a really tough year together and I thought I’d failed, I didn’t. That I’d made some difference. That I didn’t totally screw things up. Or, maybe God will send someone that was one of my “successes” to humble me with the fact that it was all in His plan and that sometimes I simply got in the way! Maybe it’ll be Kwan? Alexander? Greg? Jennaye? There’s a long list of possibilities on this one.

Perhaps Grandma G. can explain to me why my mom got sick. Maybe Grandma D. can let me know that it’s OK that I didn’t pick her brain for the family history when she was able to share it. I would love to meet Baby A and Baby B. I imagine that they will tell me how they helped keep Baby C (now happily known as Little Man) safe and sound so he could be here to bring us joy!

I’m gonna have to meet some folks for atonement. There’s no doubt about that. Someone is going to have to call me out to explain my 20s!

But, considering the way God seems to work, I’m guessing that at least a few of the 5 will be people I don’t even remember meeting. Who’s lives I’ve touched (for better or worse) without even knowing it. That’s really the interesting part of this whole idea.

Perhaps it will be the guy who was sitting outside Nick and Willy’s last Friday when we went to lunch? Who knows?

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