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Being a parent is always interesting. I can hear the collective *sigh* as you process that nugget of wisdom. Yep, I’m master of the obvious. I know, right?

I may have mentioned before that Little Man talks almost non-stop and that listening to him can be very entertaining and enlightening.  He’s told me more than I could ever imagine about topics I never thought I’d even consider, much less talk about … and sometimes he’s right! I actually signed up for Twitter, initially, to keep a running record of the crazy stuff he says! [Which so totally ironic that I can't stand it!]

Every once in a while you get a blog-worthy gem. Something that really deserves a bit more “ink” than the typical 140 on Twitter. Something that makes you stop in your tracks and think – or laugh out loud – or both.

I am quoting here.

Mom, you should do something more with your day than Twittering.

Really. I kid you not. He said that to me at dinner last night.

LMSNS300300I think he should have warned Husband that he was going to say it because lemonade almost spewed all over the kitchen table. Once recovered, Husband looked at me as if to say, “See, I’m not the only one who thinks so!” [Husband and I are exact opposites when it comes to social technologies. That's an odd story for another time.] Between the two of them, there was righteousness and smugness to spare.

Of course, they are right. I should do something more with my day than tweet … and I do.  Lots more. In fact, I’m doing one of those things right now!!!  [Ahh ... the rebuttal, feels so good. Don't you agree?]

I am more than aware that Little Man knows I work on computers all day. He knows that it’s part of my job and he knows that many of my hobbies are computer-based. He’s talked to me about Facebook. He’s been a guest blogger here. I had no idea he knew about Twitter! Color me surprised.

As it stands, I’m going to pack away two important pieces of information from this little discussion of ours.

  1. Little Man hears and processes everything Husband and I say. And … he often gets it right.
  2. Being able to laugh at yourself – and see yourself through the eyes of your kids – is a good thing.

I’ve got one more thought on this before I get back to Twitter. [LOL, just kidding.] My son will soon be of an age where technology will play a bigger role in his daily activities. I expect the tables will turn at least a little before too much longer. I can hear myself saying something like…

  • Little Man, I’ve got a dirty job for you … your room! Turn off Mike Rowe and clean up.
  • Little Man, put down the Wiimote and let’s go outside.
  • Little Man, time to log off … let’s eat.
  • Little Man, don’t tell your Facebook friends that I’m crazy! I’m in your friends list, remember?

Wanna bet that sometime, someday I actually turn the tables and say…

Little Man, you should do something more with your day than Tweeting.

Hmmm … the child’s words used by the parent. I think I like it! Makes for a good tweet … don’t you think?

I'll be hoppin' along now ...

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  • Jen says:

    Lisa … they are. I’m amazed at what he picks up and what sticks in his head! Today, on the way to school, one of the DJs said something about his Facebook page. Little Man said, “Mommy, Facebook!”

    We may be in for an interesting set of teen years!!! :)

  • Kids are a trip, aren’t they? If Jonathan could talk more I have a feeling he’d tell me to cut back on blogging and reading blogs and commenting on blogs and …. well, all that blog-related stuff.

  • Jen says:

    OK … I clicked post what, 10 minutes ago? Little Man has no idea that I even wrote about this let alone posted it. Here’s what he says as we’re cleaning up the kitchen from dinner.

    We’re singing Old MacDonald because BK dances to it and it’s cute. It’s Little Man’s turn to pick the animal. He says, “… and on this farm he had a Mommy, EIEIO. With a tweet tweet here and a tweet tweet there, here a tweet, there a tweet everywhere a tweet tweet.”

    Smiled at me and said, “Mom, I’m not talking about a bird. I’m talking about you tweeting all the time on your computer.”

    Then he giggled … a lot!


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