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Well … uh … ummm, OK. Today’s writing assignment from Room to Write is to write about snot. I am NOT making that up! It’s right here on page 6, I swear!

Apparently snot is an impolite and inappropriate thing to write about. So here goes.

Snot is a continuous topic of conversation in our house. BK, frankly, is often a faucet of the germy stuff. Little Man says he thinks it’s gross, but I think he secretly loves it!

I must admit it is some amazing stuff – in that 4th grade check-out-this-wound sort of way. I mean it’s got various states … from crusty to glue-like to viscus to runny to drippy. In some ways it’s more amazing than water – and it’s toxic! Plus, it has an amazing attraction mechinsim. It gets everywhere and there’s no stopping it.  I think that it was the prototype for The Blob.

In our house we have this gadget to suck the snot out of BK’s nose (it’s waaayyy better than the suction bulbs you get at the hospital). Husband thinks it’s a glorified solder sucker so that’s what Little Man calls it. It’s an intriguing device. BK thinks it’s funny so … all good.

So, the green gooey stuff starts to run and you just point the nozzle at it – slurp, it sucks it up. Sometimes there’s a nice slurpy sound. Sometimes an acutal pop (that one is kinda freaky). If there’s enough mucus, it gets deposited in the container. That’s what gets Little Man going. Snot in a container. Who knew1?

The great part is cleaning out the whole contraption. If the green stuff is nice and thick, it just coagulates a bit and plops right down into the sink. If it’s more on the runny side, it sort of sloshes and slides snail-like out of the solder sucker and down the side of the sink.

The whole thing grosses Husband out. Little Man and I? – meh, not so much. I’d like to think that it’s the “science of discovery” but something tells me it’s something more viseral than that. Toddler-hood all the way, man!

Response to Assignment

OK … so snot. Well, before I started writing, I must say that I was wondering what someone reading this might think. The idea of blogging about something most of us would just rather wipe away was a bit daunting until I remembered the solder sucker. Then, it seemed as if I almost had a purpose for writing about snot (actually, using that word is worse than writing about it). I guess that’s something that I need to think about. Gratuitous mention of the typically unmentionable is fairly shocking. But, in context, I can deal with almost anything.

I think I’ll try this assignment again later and write about snot without context … we’ll see if I can embrace the goo without reason!

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