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OK … going to start this one out directly. I LOVE my Kindle 2.

I did quite a bit of research before purchasing. There are a lot of opinions out there about which eReader to buy (they are a bit spendy) and, frankly, about whether eReaders are just another flash-in-the-pan gadget in the first place.

Most of the research I read ferreted out the typical back-and-forth-nobody-wins type arguments common when reading opinions about gadgets. But, I made up my mind when I read these sentences in the last review I read.

The Kindle looks like a sexy and futuristic piece of electronics, while the Sony Readers look like artful interpretations of books. And there’s the rub: the Kindle line captivates techies while Sony Readers seem to appeal more to those who just want to read books.

Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief – MobileTechReview.com

So, I aligned myself with the techies [which feels right], entered the appropriate 16 digits, and became part of the Kindle family.

Without further ado, here are my 5 Things about the Kindle 2 – in no particular order.

kindle250021. Immediate gratification

OK, remember that I’ve aligned myself with the techies. We techies are by-and-large ready to “work through the issues” that come with new technologies. But … no challenges here! I opened the box, plugged it in, and opened my first book in less than 5 minutes. [All done in a rather hectic space between meetings at work, I might add.]

Once the juice was flowing, the books I ordered from Amazon were downloaded before I knew it. The device came registered to me [and "called" me by name - which was a tad creepy, really] … this was truly a plug-and-play deal. I love the immediate gratification of it.

[Some might liken this whole ready-to-read phenomenon to, say, buying a new "real" book and being able to read the first chapter in the parking lot before driving away - not that I would do that!]

2. Phenomenal cosmic power, ity-bity living space

OK, that billing might be a tad on the dramatic side, but really, the Kindle puts a lot into a fairly small package.

The Kindle 2 is just a tad smaller than my eee PC [which is another LOVE IT product for me]. It fits easily into my purse, my computer bags, my camera bag, and the diaper bag. So, it’s uber portable which is a HUGE plus because I can carry it anywhere. I’ve got all of my current reading with me “just in case”. Nice.

Despite this portability, the specs say that my Kindle will hold 1500 books. I think that’ll cover me, thank you. Oh, and the best part? Wait for it. NO DUSTING!

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve had this baby for over two weeks now and haven’t had to recharge yet. I’ve used it for at least 2 hours each day. Um. Yeh. fantastic!

[I did turn off the EVDO "Amazn Whispernet" connection because I live where Sprint service is spotty. I'm absolutely certain that's the reason for the long battery life. I'm OK with that! It's still pretty cool!]

3.  Reading experience – eInk

eInk is just cool. Agreed? Good, now we can move on.

The reading experience on my Kindle so far has been great. I have had little/no eye strain and I’m reading just as quickly as I would with a “real” book. In fact, I might be reading faster. The 6-inch diagonal screen only holds so much text so I’m finding that I’m doing a better job of focusing only on the single page in front of me – no catching words on the opposite pages and getting distracted. [Not that I get distracted or anything. Interesting idea from an educational perspective, I might add.]

I like that I can adjust just about everything I need to make my reading experience more comfortable … and I like that I don’t have to force the book open to catch the text near the binding. [I'm a please-don't-break-the-binding gal.]

4. Automagical everything

If I fall asleep while reading or, more likely, if one of the kids needs me right away [let's say when something crashes to the floor and breaks into millions of tiny pieces, for example], I don’t have to worry about losing my place. I like that.

If I want to take notes, highlight text, or look up something in the dictionary? It’s all right there. Easy peasy.

If I want to know how much I’ve read and how much I’ve left to go? No problem. The percentage completed is always at the bottom of the page.

If I want to buy a new book. Click. Click. Download. Done.

[OK, it won't go get me a Coke with ice. I might have to submit a feature request. ]

5. Possibilities

I think that one of my favorite things about the Kindle 2 is that, in the space of two weeks, it’s become one of my “must carry” items and I’m “just” using it to read a book. This, of course, means that everything/anything else it does is an absolute bonus!

I suppose I should mention that it’s not a perfect device. It’s not. But, my new friend Kindle and I have run into only one snag so far – and it’s not actually a “bug” or “design flaw” of the Kindle itself.

I was flying for business this week and realized that the Kindle was part of that “please turn off all electronic devices” thing. Everyone around me was reading and I was left waiting until they gave the all clear. To date, that is the only “problem” I’ve had. [This might have something to do with the fact that I bought it with realistic expectations of what it could and could not do.]

So, there they are. My 5 Things about the Kindle 2. I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities while curling up with a good book.

Happy reading, everyone!

I'll be hoppin' along now ...

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