Blissful Sunday

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Have you ever had one of those days that was so good it made you smug? You know. The kind of day that seems to have been conjured out of a scene from a great historical romance novel [not that I read those] or from a Lifetime Original Movie [not that I watch those] or from someone else’s life.


Let me see if I can paint you a picture. Close your eyes. [Wait! No. Don't. That won't work!] Ahem.

The sun snuck up over the horizon while we were all sleeping and was well into its task of warming up the day when I heard Little Man say, “Mom, can it be morning? I can’t sleep anymore and I hear the other kids getting up.” I shooed him out of the room to get what I imagine was a less-than-completely-nutritious breakfast with his friends. I took a few minutes to myself, threw on beach attire, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

In short order, everyone was fed, dressed and ready for the beach! And, the fun began.


With a very delicious and refreshing drink in one hand and BK in the other, I made the short trek to the beach as Husband, Little Man, and some of the others set up “camp” for the day. To our delight, the tide was out and the tide pools were just begging to be explored. The sun was brilliant and the breeze kept the temperature near perfect.


As we were playing, another beach-goer approached and said that there were dolphins playing not far from where  we were sitting. In short order, my camera and I were on a boat heading their way thanks to a local vendor! Dolphin watching in a small boat is amazing.

After my dolphin adventure, it was time to head to one of the beach houses for a massage. Husband and the kids were playing in the tide pools, so I slipped away.

bkpools480392I was looking forward to this massage! Some of the others in our group had described theirs as “the best massage they’d ever had” … sounded wonderful. Changed and ready to be deeply relaxed, I closed my eyes. It was then that I heard Amazing Grace being played in the background. I don’t remember much of that hour other than it was the perfect combination of relaxation and rejoicing.

BK was napping when I recovered from my relaxed haze so I went to relieve Husband. To my surprise, I found a sleeping baby in an empty house (once Husband returned to the beach)! Windows open. Beach breezes blowing in. This is also known as the PERFECT reading environment.

Once we’d all had naps and lunch, it was back to the beach for more playing and discovering! Nothing to do but enjoy the day and play!

This was how I spent last Sunday. It’s still so fresh that I can close my eyes and mentally return to that beach and its relaxing breezes. These words and pictures don’t do it justice.

I know we’ll be back there again. Until then, I’ll look for bliss in small things. Like the little giggle I just heard on the baby monitor. The giggle that tells me BK is awake, happy, and ready to play with her mom!

Ahhh, bliss.

I'll be hoppin' along now ...

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