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Earlier this week, I read a very interesting article from Vicki Davis over at the Tech & Learning blog. I found it extremely fascinating and have been looking forward to sharing it all week.

The article, Semantic Aware Apps Rising, introduced me to the term “semantic awareness” and started me thinking about what this “smart” technology might mean as developers start implementing it … when it becomes ubiquitous.

One of the reasons that I find this interesting is that I’ve had a fair amount of experience with personality tests and their uses. My interest goes all the way back to college, when I first took the Myers-Briggs. After seeing my results, my prof asked me how I lived with myself. Odd, yes! But the comment made me think and got me hooked.

So, I must tell you that I got a little sucked in when Ms. Davis introduced me to The Typalizer … an app that will tell you the personality type of your blog or any blog, for that matter!

So, I took a deep breath and entered  my URL. In short order the return was back. ESTP (The Doers).

Here’s the cool thing about that . [OK ... I think it's cool.] I’m an ENTP/ENFP according to Myers-Briggs. So, it looks like my writing here pretty well matches my type. Looks like I’m going all “WYSIWYG” on you all! [If you want to read more about the MBTI … head here!]

About 30 minutes later I learned that the blogs I read most often have the same “bloginality” … ESFP (The Performers).¬† I found that very interesting because I don’t necessarily perceive their styles to be the same!

I’ve experienced the push-back when it comes to using personality profiling in hires and staffing. We can already Google folks to find information on those we work with/for. What if these analyzers begin to work on our Twitter and Facebook accounts?

The implications of all of this are far beyond the fun I’m having with it. Semantic awareness has the potential to change quite a few things.

What’s the “bloginality” of your blog?
Is it similar to your personality style or completely different?
How do you feel about the possibilities of all of this semantic awareness?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I'll be hoppin' along now ...

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