Equal Time

Posted by Jen on January 16, 2009 in Mommyhood |

Little Man gets a lot of ink on this blog. So, tonight I thought it’d be good to give BK some equal time.

BK is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever been around – not kidding. This isn’t mommy-bias. She’s also got a mind of her own and a will stronger than … stronger than … well, let’s just called her strong-willed. [Read stubborn as an ox and opinionated as all get out.] It’s started us worrying a lot about her teen years.

We’ve had glimpse of this for a long time now. But, recently, her teachers have started to send us daily evidence. Her daily reports are all about “Miss Thing being Miss Thing”. I can’t decide if they find it cute or if they are annoyed. I hope they don’t expect behavior changes – she just turned 1.

So, here are a few of the reports. I must tell you that they really amuse me. [Remind me I said that when I start writing about how impossible she is to reason with.]

BK had a good day. She was walking with the walker and sat in the Hippo [This is the bucket on the walker.] Emily pushed BK in it. BK got very upset and scolded Emily. She didn’t want to be pushed. BK waved her arms in Emily’s direction and continued to scold her. Emily stopped pushing BK.

I swear it said scolded! Oh, and I”m changing all of the kid’s names in these…

BK had a very talkative day. She sat on the floor with the baseball toy in front of her and the bat in her hand. She was telling the teachers how to play the game. She kept hitting on the top of the toy with the bat. The teachers kept asking her questions about the game. She stopped talking and put her hand up as if to say, “Wait, I have to think.” [Which is a much better translation than "talk to the hand".] 

I’m seeing a bit of a pattern. You?

BK had a good day. BK was very insistent today. She insisted on climbing on the table. She insisted on taking other baby’s binkies and teethers. She insisted on chewing on anything sh could put in her mouth.

Yesterday, she crawled to an area where she’s not allowed to be and when a teacher asked her to come back to where the other kids are, she “argued” the point. Apparently, loudly!

And so it goes. Bet you can’t wait until she can talk. I can’t! I’ll bet we’re going to have some really interesting conversations … twitter feed into overdrive!


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