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2009 will be here soon. As I wander around and think about it coming, I have to say that I’m not all that thrilled with the prospect. I liked 2008. It was a pretty good year all-in-all and what I’m seeing coming at my family in 2009 is, frankly,  a little scary for my tastes.

It’s an odd place for me to be, actually. I usually like change. I like the adventure of it and the possibilities it brings. I like to take chances and tackle the big stuff. But, I have to say, that this is the first year I can remember where I didn’t anticipate the arrival of the next year. It’s the first time I can remember feeling more aprehension than anticipation. It’s not a good feeling. I’d like very much to snap out of it!

So, what gives?

The short answer? The world seems to be an absolute mess. [Yeh, mmmm .... that might be a gross understatement.]

In the past week, the news has told of a rapidly failing economy, violence in Gaza, a man who killed his ex-wife and much of her family while dressed as Santa,  troop movements in Pakistan, political unrest in several spots, and a man who shot a guy for talking during a movie. There’s more, of course, but it’s too depressing to list.

The good news? There wasn’t much – at least not that got top billing anywhere. To top it all off, it was reported the other day that President-elect Obama has said that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. [He was referring to the economy, but frankly, there are so many things tied to the economy that the cynic in me kicked in.]

My gut thought? [right after I vowed to stop watching CNBC] Great. Fabulous.  It’s madness now.

I think that the biggest struggle for me is that I have no idea what’s coming  next. There’s a lot that’s broken and I feel as if I’m powerless to fix it. I hate that feeling – that helplessness. It’s depressing and, if I let it, it will become debilitating.

So, 2009 is coming and I’d just as soon stay in 2008. Hmmm … new territory. What’s to be done?

I guess I’ll do what I’ve always done – the best I can.

  • I’ll love my family and friends with all that I can.
  • I’ll work at being a better wife, mom, manager, writer, human … a better me.
  • I’ll try to learn something new every day.
  • I’ll try to teach something new every day.
  • I’ll go to work at a job I love and I’ll relish working with great people while I look forward to tackling new challenges and exciting possibilities (and there surely will be some of both – it’s one of the things I love about my job). 
  • I’ll get up every day and participate in life.
  • I’ll encourage others to do the same.

That’s really all any of us can do, isn’t it? Aren’t those really our resolutions?

All of this was floating around my subconscious when I opened a Christmas card from my Aunt. She’s always had a knack for the right words at the right time. This is what she wrote.

May the joy and peace of the Christmas season fill your hearts and home. May the new year find you happy and healthy. May the Lord guide our leaders and give them wisdom. May we all be up to the changes!

The last line grabbed me. So well said. So needed.

So, here’s to 2009 – challenges and all. Let’s feel the fear and do it anyway*!

May we all be granted wisdom when it’s needed and may we all be up to the changes!


*Note: Susan Jeffers wrote a book by this title in 1988 or so. I’ve never read it, although I think my mom has because this title was posted over the desk in her office for a time. That title - the power in those words - has served me well over the last 15 or so years!

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