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I’ve been thinking about posting for a very long time and just haven’t done it. Sad really. Probably would help me stay sane … which is, of course, my whole purpose for creating this space in the first place. OK … let’s get started … gonna be a long one.

1. Fruit
A couple of weeks ago, Little Man and I spent time at Grammy’s house. While we were there, I had more than a few a-ha moments about how (or if) I’ve grown up. One of them was about eating – specifically fruit.

The day before we left home, I was craving green apples. Have no idea why. Didn’t drive 2 blocks to go get one. See, I knew that mom would have lots of really fresh fruit in the fridge AND that she would prepare it for me. Very pathetic. So, Little Man and I ate fresh strawberries and big juicy grapes for a week. It was great.

Back at home, I’m not craving fruit anymore. It’s certainly not that I’ve had enough of it. There are strawberries and grapes in the fridge (not as fresh and yummy as at mom’s) and I’ve had some from time-to-time. But it’s not a big thing for me right now.

Driving down the freeway the other day, I got to thinking about food and how what and how I eat has changed since I left home. I came up with a lot of theories. But I seem to connect certain foods to home and mom – and that’s really the only place I eat them. Certainly I am capable of going to the store and buying good, fresh fruit. I just don’t.

Not a huge epiphany, I know. But interesting to me as I look at Little Man and wonder what he’ll do as an adult that is connected to home. I almost shudder to think.

2. The Wiggles
One of the few ways to get Little Man changed and dressed right now is to put on a Wiggles episode. Can I insert that TIVO has made certain portions of my life a bit saner? Yes, cuz it’s my blog!

So, this morning Little Man was furious with his dad for asking him to stay still while his diaper was changed. To get things back to some sort of normal, I put on the Wiggles. Seriously, works immediately. The crying stopped and the watching began. We all watched. It was peaceful.

Then, Husband started to wonder aloud about these 4 men who pranced and danced around on the screen. He couldn’t equate the silliness with a serious occupation/career. So, of course, he had to go to the Internet to find the dirt on the Wiggles. He did. http://www.beingdaddy.com/archives/000669.html

Here’s where it gets confusing …

From ABC News
SYDNEY, Australia Apr 8, 2005 … The Wiggles have sung and danced their way to the top of a list of Australia’s wealthiest entertainers, edging out Hollywood heavyweights such as Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

OK … Brian tells me that the Wiggles we see on stage here in the US are “clones” and I already knew that many of the shows we’ve been seeing are pre-2003. I find it odd that this news report didn’t mention that they are no longer a group. This seems to be spin to the utmost … make everyone think the clones are the Wiggles and that everything’s fine – just fine.

Who knows … maybe it is. This article is from 2003.

Wanna know the truth? As long as they keep Little Man calm enough to get changed and as long as what they produce is clean, moral, and ethical. It’s just fine with me.

3. iPod
This one’s short. I LOVE my iPod. ’nuff said!

OK … since this is the very last thing I’m supposed to be working on right now, I’d better stop! I’m going to try to add a sentence or two every day. We’ll see.




  • Debra says:

    I want to love my iPOD too…

  • Jen says:

    OK … I’m not actually obssessed by the Wiggles. But, I’ve now sort of determined that the story about them breaking up and being true “rockers” is bogus. Could be wrong … just all evidence points to them being healthy, productive, and rich!

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