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James Lipton, a.k.a. the guy on Inside the Actors’ Studio, always ends the show by asking guests a series of questions originally used by Bernard Pivot.  None of the questions are particularly difficult and, by themselves, I’d guess the only place you’d find them is in a conversation between friends over cocktails.

Taken together, they are a pretty interesting list. Which, I suppose is why they’ve been closing the show with them for some 200 episodes!

There’s one on the list that always struck me as a tad more difficult than the others.

#8: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I have trouble with questions like this because, while there are tons of jobs I might like to try, I just don’t think I’m well suited to anything much different than what I do. I mean, hey, that’s one of the reasons I do it, right?

But today, I think I may have found my answer. That is, if I were ever to become a famous actor, be invited on the show, and asked the list of questions. Which is, of course, not going to happen because that’s NOT the profession other than my own that I’d like to attempt!

I think that I would be well suited to being a massage therapist.

Now, this is quite a departure from my current and former gigs in the world off education and I’m not planning on leaving to take up the massusical arts (not a word, but I like it a lot).

I was at a spa today (long past due) and I realized that the lovely young lady working the tired out of my muscles has a pretty good job. At least, I think so.

Now, I’m going to simplify this a bit and there are probably going to be huge generalizations tossed in here, but think about this. This dedicated stress reliever…

  • Is someone everyone is glad to have an appointment with
  • Has an office that overlooks a beautiful pool, beach, and sea. Location, location, location
  • Gets to work with people and provide a valuable customer service
  • Has a lot of time to think and let her mind wander (you cannot tell me that they do not tune out for the better part of the hour while they are kneading away)
  • Always smells good (those lotions always smell clean) and has soft skin (at least her hands and forearms)
  • Gets to listen to some of the most soothing music all day
  • Works in a nice cozy naturally lit room
  • Works in a place designed as a stress-free zone

I have no idea if I’d be any good and I’m absolutely certain that it’s not as easy as they make it look. But, I think a lot of it sounds delightful.

Then again, I was thinking all of this while heavily under the influence of relaxation and aromatherapy scents. My judgment may or may not have been impaired!

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