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High on the list of things I’m very thankful for? Fabulous neighbors.

Years ago, when we were thinking about moving in order to have some more space for Little Man, the biggest tug to stay put was the fact that we had the most amazing set of neighbors … and had for years. It was the kind of group where everyone had keys to everyone else’s home (which, to be honest, freaked me out when I married into the neighborhood). It was the kind of neighborhood where no pet was ever left out or neglected or taken to a kennel for vacation. It was sweet.

Slowly, but surely, the group began to move out … on to larger homes to support growing families or new work commutes or new marriages. The reasons to stay became fewer and the reasons to go became greater. So, we made the jump.

While we were house shopping and preparing to move, we were constantly worried about the neighbors. I mean, you can’t recreate what we had. Lightening doesn’t strike twice. 

Or, does it?

After a few years at our new location, it appears those neighbor worries were unfounded. While we don’t have the history with these folks that we had with our other neighbors, the bonds are there and time will take care of the rest.

Our newly formed merry little band takes care of each other. We watch pets, help move furniture, babysit for a night out, have Superbowl parties, keep watchful eyes … all of the stuff that good friends and good neighbors do.

So, one again we are blessed. And thankful. 

Now that I think of it, I’ve been blessed with good neighbors for the majority of my life. When I’ve known those sharing my street or complex, we’ve always had a great connection and a sense of community.

Hmm … when I’ve known them. Is it possible that we’ve got good neighbors because we are good neighbors? (I should come clean here and fess up. Husband is a fabulous neighbor. I’m working on it, but I’m not all that great to be honest).

I think there may be something to this idea of mutual togetherness and why it may work. Something bigger than any given neighborhood and as old as time.

Bill and Ted said it well…

Be excellent to each other!


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