The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted by Jen on November 23, 2008 in Family, Lessons Learned, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of..., Rants |

There have been quite a few weekends in my life where I’ve ending them in wonder. When I’m lucky, it’s the type of wonder that is synonymous with awe. Most of the time, I’m just plain wondering where the heck the whole thing went and who was driving!

I considered writing about a whole bunch of things today, but I think I’ll just stick with three biggies.

The Good

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

…and that means Christmas decorations! (You are wondering if I’ve forgotten Thanksgiving, I know. I  haven’t. I’m just very thankful for Christmas!)

I think that this is going to be my favorite Christmas decoration this year. My mom made it and it will NOT be showing up on Craftastrophe!

I love this!!! Ignore the packing peanut that I didn't see until after Husband took the picture!

I love this!!!

Anyway, I just think this is stunning (even with the packing peanut that I didn’t see until I cropped the pic) and I want about three more just like it so I can decorate my bar counter with them! Thanks, Mom!

… and family pictures!

We got dressed up in our best Christmas duds – which I went out and bought for everyone – and headed to our favorite photog’s studio. I am so excited because I think that we got some really good shots. I’m scared because I know how much I’m going to want to buy! Meh, it’s all good!

Oh, and to close out the good section for today? A little tidbit I learned from Bob the Builder. Cashmere is made from goat hair. I must say I did not know that.

The Bad

Saturday started with a very lethargic baby and ended with a temper tantrum of ginormous proportions! The baby is fine. Little Man is still alive and has learned a valuable lesson. One he practiced today!

The Ugly

New wireless routers that replace currently working wireless routers should take no more than 10 minutes to set up. The fact that this was not the case for me is not the ugly of which I speak, however.

Ugly by another name is horrible technical support!

So, quick bit of unsolicited advice from me to the technical support folks of the world.

  • If I’m calling you, I’ve tried all of the helpful troubleshooting techniques offered in any number of places. I realize not all customers troubleshoot before they call and I understand that not all customers are technically savvy, but when I tell you what I’ve done and why I’ve done it at the top of the call … take my word for it, listen to how I’m explaining my issue, and don’t repeat what I’ve just read and done!
  • There is nothing more frustrating than not being listened to when you are having technical stress. I don’t mean do a crossword while I vent, I mean listen to me and attempt to follow what I’m saying! Oh, and if we happen to be in different countries, ask me if you don’t understand what I’ve just said, Because we need to understand each other.
  • To extend this … if I don’t understand you, I’m  going to ask you to repeat yourself. If that makes you mad, you may need to reconsider your job choice. We need to understand each other.
  • If you are having a crappy day, get over it (fake it if you have to). You are getting paid. I’m the one paying you and I will take my business elsewhere.
  • To extend this … don’t speak sharply to me. It’s not OK. Ever.

You know what? I get that the customer isn’t always right and, in fact, they are sometimes dead wrong. However, a company lost by business forever today and it had nothing to do with their product. I went to a competitor for one reason only … horrible technical support. I am but one humble consumer, but I bet I’m not alone. The call may have been recorded for training, you know. I do hope it was!

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