Getting Started

Posted by Jen on November 23, 2004 in Family, Mommyhood |

Getting Started


On a recent business trip, I rediscovered Anne Lamott. Bird by Bird is one of those books that makes me feel creative. You know, where you can feel the blood run through your veins. Traveling Mercies wasn’t as gripping, but at the same time, it made me want to write again.

So, I’ve rediscovered my blog. Hopefully, I’ll use this as a place to get creative again with words. Heh … who am I kidding. That takes time. I don’t have any. Pity party time.

My Son
I am continually amazed by my son. Tonight he had me on an emotional rollercoaster from the time I walked in the door. Contrary to popular opinion (oh, so dramatic am I), I live for the moment just after I come in the house. That moment when he realizes I’m home. His face lights up and he crawls to me (sometimes with the efficiency of an Army Ranger; sometimes with the awkwardness of a newborn colt). He simply waits at my feet with his arms up. When did he learn to do that?

Then, off to the store for medicine and the stuff that fills up our shopping carts. It was his first time (at least with me) in a shopping cart that wasn’t baby proofed. No padding. No protection. Just the boy, the new blue plastic, and the cold metal. He loved it.

We zoomed around the store. At one point, I said, “Little Man!” When he looked, I tilted my head to the left. I’ll be damned if he didn’t mimic me. I laughed out loud. WOW! It’s almost like seeing his brain function. We zoomed on and finished the task … plates, spoons, medicine, a new toy (OK, that wasn’t on the list, but…).

As we were checking out, I looked down at that cherubic face and watched as he puckered his lips to spit his bink. Like any mom, I reached down and swooped that bink right up. Ingeniously, I put the loop handle in my mouth. You’d have thought that I was the Eddie Izzard of baby comedians. He laughed and laughed. Big game. We kept playing until we had to get in the car. Quite a few people were amused.

The tantrum came about 12 minutes later. As we pulled into the driveway, a child I’d never met before starting throwing a fit in the car seat in my back seat. Teeth (and gums) were clenched. It was a little hissy right there in the driveway. And then, it went away!

We played, ate, and watched a bit of television. And then, it came back. This time, hands were flailing as well. The Little People packaging bit the dust. It was time for bed.

But wait, there’s more! Dressing my son is a challenge. He hates to be on his back. But, we got it done. He only needed a little pat on the bum but it was enough to make mommy feel guilty. The fit returned. Calmed only momentarily by the bottle. Tired … both of us.

Just when I thought that he was out of control (and certainly not my son, but rather some alien child put on the couch to test me), the snuggle. Quiet. Sleep.

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