The Desert Made Me Think It!

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The longer I live life as a desert rat, the more bizarre my dream vacations get. Seriously. I now believe that the sun may actually have singed my brain cells permanently.

When the heat has gone on too long (hmmm … let’s say early-October) and the slim chance of rain has evaporated (yep, that pun was intended), you tend to dream of water.

Many may say, “That’s not so weird. Heading to the beach is a perfect way to refresh!”

Not. So. Fast. Sorry to disappoint (and perhaps concern) but, frankly, the possibility of sunny days is just too high at the beach. By October, I’m looking for a series of partly-cloudy/cloudy days to erase my sun induced coma. Oh, and bonus points are awarded for rain! And if the location includes an ocean or a bay??? Practically perfect!

Hmmmm … clouds? Several options. High probability of precip and a large body of water? Well, I guess that means that the pacific northwest is dang near the perfect spot!

Decision made. Dream vacation dreamed … time to soak everything in! (I’m so punny today!)

All joking aside, the pacific northwest is really a perfect place to get away in the fall.

  1. It’s chilly to cold (i.e., we got to wear winter clothes, drink hot beverages, and have soup for every meal!).
  2. It is partly cloudy/cloudy most of the time (i.e., we got some great lighting for the 400 plus pictures we took but, for the most part clouds were the rule of the day).
  3. It rains (i.e., water falls from the sky and makes everything wet and clean – ahhhh).

As an extra special added bonus??? Just for us (and the 100s of Packer fans who found themselves in Seattle over the weekend)? Green Bay beat the Seahawks at home (i.e., it was a good Sunday!).

All-in-all? Just about as good as it gets!

The desert can bake your brain for sure. It makes you pray for rain and cold weather on your long-awaited vacation. It makes you search cold weather destinations and rate the soup! It’s all too twisted for words sometimes!

Soon, most of the country will be shivering and under the slush and snow of winter. We’ll have the windows open to enjoy the fresh desert air. We’ll all remember why we live here and the frostbitten will long for a desert vacation in the sun by the pool!

I imagine that I’ll still be secretly dreaming of clouds and precipitation and green trees and maybe even snow … well, at least in a passing thought one time in the next 6 months!

To quote Melvin Udall in As Good as it Gets …

Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.

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