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I have a child who loves dirt. I’m not quite sure how it happened given my general dislike for the stuff. Nonetheless, Little Man is constantly making smoke (code word for kicking up dust) and getting filthy!

“Smoke” generally leads to a bath and baths mean bath toys. Little Man has an affinity for bath toys that fill with water and squirt – and boats, but those don’t play into this story! Because he likes them so much, we have a pretty nice collection of them – some of them from when he was a little guy.

A couple of nights ago, Little Man was in the tub playing away when I heard him yell…

Grossness! Mom! I wanna get out now!

Turns out one of the bath toys had done what a squirty bath toys do. The leftover water inside got cruddy – black and slimy goo grew! One big squirt and the goo made its way into the tub with him. It’s a lovely thing and if you’ve never experienced it.

We got him out of the bath and away from the goo and I promised to clean out his car so that he could play with it goo free the next time he took a bath.

Fast forward to today. The car was clean – or so I thought. The filthy child was in the tub playing away. The dirt was starting to loosen. Then, with one squirt the goo was back.

Mom. It’s not clean.

There was no panic this time (this was good – he was really dirty). So, I took the car and started the de-goo process again. As I was standing at the sink, I was astounded at how much slime was hiding in this innocuous bath toy. To top it off, every time I thought I’d gotten it all clean, the next squirt would prove me dead wrong.

It dawned on me that the crud inside that bath toy isn’t all that unlike the crud we carry around with us if we aren’t careful to “wash” once in a while. The negativity (slime), self-talk (crud), anger (goo), and other nasties hide inside our pleasant, even playful, exteriors until one squirt sends it splattering on whatever or whoever happens to be in the way.

So, tomorrow I’ll be bleaching the crud out of the bath toys and, with any luck, I’ll find a some sunshine and laughter and the bath toys won’t be the only things that get a fresh, clean start!

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