Anger, Fear, and Aggression – The Dark Side Are They

Posted by Jen on September 26, 2008 in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of... |

Husband thinks that I should take Yoga. Something about me needing to find my peaceful self, I guess. I’ve resisted, of course. Mostly because who has time? But, also, I’m not convinced that it’ll achieve the desired result and I AM convinced that it’ll pull more than a few muscles!

Then, there are days like today. Days when the trigger is just a little tight and everything sends me into orbit. These are the days when a sign should go up on the door that says, “Really? Just don’t talk to me. It’s not safe.”

That’s just it, though, right? You can’t hang that sign up. So the folks around you are at risk – either from the direct assault or from the shrapnel. It’s inevitable, someone is getting hurt.

The whole thing is just exhausting and very unproductive! Today started so well. I had such great plans for the day and was excited to get started on a project that I’ve been looking forward to. Energy level? high! Brain power? ON!

It took one email to sap all of it. One. Every ounce of energy and productivity was sapped and all I wanted to to was take a nap. It was actually an amazing phenomenon. I couldn’t recover. All was dark and hopeless.

Overly dramatic? In a way. However, what I’m looking at now is how easily it is to “go dark”. I traveled though that tunnel. I chose the path. I chose the response. Me.

Maybe I don’t need Yoga. Maybe I need Yoda? Maybe Yoda does Yoga?

Maybe I’ll just try it again tomorrow!

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